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Exceptional, modern architecture in combination with reconstructed historical building line and location by the Wały Chrobrego are making the STORRADY PARK one of the best investments in Szczecin. Office, service and commercial complex consists of three marked structures:

Power Plant (Elektrownia) office building

BUILDING A - main building of a complex is a revitalized historic Power Station located by Storrady Świętosławy street, situated parallel to Jana z Kolna street.

We offer HIGH USABLE AREA of 3.65 m on the ground floor and 4.40 m on the 1st floor, which can be arranged in a variety of commercial purposes, such as a medical clinic, specialist consulting room, service and commercial space.

Pin (Szpilka) office building

BUILDING B - glazed build-up structure above the main building - "Needle" together with two ground-floor pavilions for a commercial-service rent.

One (Jedynka) office building 

BUILDING C - an existing office building by Storrady Świętosławy 1 street.

PARK OFFICES STORRADY name comes from the name of the street where is located investment - Storrady Świętosławy. Sygryda Storrada, Świętosława, b. between 960 - 972, dead after 1016 was the daughter of Mieszko I and probably Dobrawa, sister of Boleslaw Chrobry, Queen of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and England. She appears in a number of Nordic sagas and historical chronicles.

The complex of buildings was designed comprehensive in a process of developing an existing historical buildings situated in a Storrady, Kapitańska and Jana z Kolna block. Historic part of elevation of an old power station building will be preserved and underlined by modern architecture of a superstructure and expansion. Brownfield, historical industrial facility will be used for office and service function. Offices and service interiors leave a choice for an individual design. Within the area of investment architects designed an urban interior based on an old alley accessible to all, day and night with an entrance at Storrady Świętosławy 3 (building A). Alley runs through the historical façade and ground-floor pavilions. Due to public function of an alley pavilions will be let for galleries, boutiques, small offices required a direct client access. All the alley's surface will be covered by cobblestone to make an impression of a primary surface. It will be highlighted by an appropriate illumination extracting historical values and an aesthetic feature of a street alike interior. The exit is planned to be placed at Storrady 1(building C),at the foot of the Wały Chrobrego.

Investment design of STORRADY PARK complex was created as a result of a cooperation with B-Studio Architecture Studio, which has many years of experience in housing, office building and urban sectors. Main aim, during designing of a complex, was the perfect integration of the design into the surrounding area, but also to distinct all the investment by elegant and modern form, creating an effective office and service space at the same time.

Drone shots of Storrady Park Offices complex in Szczecin

Exterior photos of our office buildings

Interiors of our office buildings in Szczecin

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